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60 Summits Partners: Our Collaborators and Sponsors

North America

60 Summits Project Partners

The context of the 60 Summits Project is partnership, by which we mean two-way relationships with shared purposes and goals, as well as relationships of mutual trust and respect. We model in our own operations at every level the collaboration across boundaries that we are telling others is required to improve the way the stay-at-work and return-to-work process works.

Our Partner Attraction Plan lays out who we are, what we are up to, who we intend to attract as partners, and what you can expect in working with the 60 Summits Project.

60 Summits Project Sponsors

Support from our North American sponsors enables the 60 Summits Project to expand into new jurisdictions, maintain our project infrastructure and provide matching grants to local Summit planning groups.

Our charter North American Sponsors were Prudential Financial and Webility Corporation. Webility continues its sponsorship.

Sponsorship opportunities exist in eight categories (stakeholder groups). For more information about sponsorships, see our Sponsorship Fact Sheet.

States and Provinces

Local Organizations, Committees, Coalitions, and Consortiums

Individuals who want to bring the 60 Summits Project to their state or province band together to form a committee that will plan a Summit. In some cases, an organization decides to sponsor and produce their state's or province's summit by themselves, commiting resources to create an event for statewide benefit of all. More often, Summits are planned by groups of individuals from a variety of stakeholder groups and organizations.

As time has passed, either before or after their first Summit has actually occurred, several planning committees have re-named themselves as a coalition or consortium. This signals their intent to continue working together beyond the Summit in order to convert the agreements and plans made in the Summit into concrete realities.