Propagating the new work disability paradigm for disability benefits & workers' comp systems


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Partner Attraction Plan


We want to share our partner attraction plan with you so you can quickly figure out whether you want to work with us - and vice-versa. This plan briefly addresses five questions:

  1. What is the purpose of The 60 Summits Project?
  2. What kind of partners does The 60 Summits Project intend to attract?
  3. Who is a perfect partner for The 60 Summits Project?
  4. What can you expect from the people of The 60 Summits Project?
  5. What is it like working together?

What is the purpose of The 60 Summits Project?

The 60 Summits Project is a grassroots initiative that is creating a multi-stakeholder community of like-minded people who intend to:

  • Prevent needless work disability by helping people stay employed;
  • Upgrade the performance of workers' compensation and disability benefits systems by employing a multi-stakeholder collaborative approach to:
    • mitigate the impact of illness, injury or impairment on each individual's ability to function at work, and
    • promote the economic vitality and productivity of workers, employers, and local economies;
  • Inform people about the new work disability prevention paradigm and the American College of Occupational & Environmental Medicine's recommendations for improving the stay at work and return to work process;
  • Inspire and convince people to take action to make those improvements and cooperate under the new paradigm;
  • Lead by example and support each other in actually doing these things ourselves;
  • Within our community, enable buyers and sellers of products and services that effectively prevent needless work disability to find each other so that they thrive and prosper;
  • Grow our community until people across North America are employing this new multi-stakeholder, collaborative, and problem-solving approach, and it eventually becomes the norm everywhere.

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What kind of partners does The 60 Summits Project intend to attract?

We aim to attract people and organizations that are a "perfect fit" for us because it's so fulfilling and satisfying to work together - a mutual pleasure. We say there's a perfect fit if:

  • What we offer is what you want and need;
  • The way we deliver our services and products is what you have been hoping for;
  • Our prices are just right.

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What kind of partner is a "perfect fit" for The 60 Summits Project?

So far, we have found that people and organizations who are a perfect fit for us share some important qualities. You may be a perfect fit for us if:

  • You are uncomfortable with what you see happening today � the humans being hurt and the money being wasted;
  • You are "up to something big" -- you're out to improve "the system" in your own practice, your organization, your membership, your community, and/or your state/province;
  • You are attracted to the purpose, framework, values, and design of the 60 Summits Project;
  • You are professional and capable, want to do what is right, and are aiming for excellence;
  • You are willing to let us all be human beings who occasionally goof up or drop the ball;
  • You are comfortable with the idea of working in partnership with us;
  • You want us and The 60 Summits Project to thrive - and are happy to acknowledge the value we deliver with financial support so we can keep passing it along;
  • You are easy to talk to and fun for us to work with: smart, sensible, and good-humored.

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What can you expect from The 60 Summits Project?

In our relationships with local groups, we are also committed to:

  • Helping you create a milestone of a Summit and follow-up that really makes things happen;
  • Being inspiring, stimulating, and a breath of fresh air;
  • Listening for what you are dealing with;
  • Sharing with you the wisdom and experience gained from prior Summits;
  • Advocating strongly that your planning process, Summit event, and follow-on activities remain aligned with the purposes of The 60 Summits Project;
  • Providing support and standing for your success even when you can't believe things will work out;
  • Keeping everyone focused on making better things happen rather than complaining or explaining;
  • Being transparent, trustable, and delivering what and when we say we will;
  • Providing a reliable and professional administrative and financial infrastructure;
  • Speaking straight when things don't work out as expected, and cleaning it up;
  • Being great to work with and part of your team.

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So, what's it like working together?

We and our perfect partners are each free to be:

  • Expert, confident, and relaxed;
  • Imperfect;
  • Authentic, trusting, and tolerant.

And so, these relationships also supply us each with:

  • Friends and colleagues;
  • Opportunities to make contributions to each other;
  • Ways to make a difference that can benefit hundreds, thousands, or millions of people and companies.

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March 2009

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