Propagating the new work disability paradigm for disability benefits & workers' comp systems


A feasibility meeting was held in Madison in early February, 2008.  A Summit planning group was formed with 9 representatives of healthcare providers, 7 of employers, and 2 of payers.

The Wisconsin Summit was held on the evening of October 8th and all day October 9th, 2008 at CUNA Mutual Group's corporate headquarters in Madison.

An Action Group formed after the Summit, and named itself the Wisconsin Consortium on Promoting Stay at Work & Return to Work. It has remained an informal and active group. They are meeting regularly and maintain an active website. The group's primary focus has been on sharing the message about preventing needless work disability in as many venues across the state as possible.

In 2010, the group will host two webinars with outside speakers. One on the ADAAA has already been held, and one on resilience is planned for November. An excellent Return to Work Guide for Clinicians authored by Dr. Maja Jurisic, chair of the Consortium, is on the Consortium's website and is now in use by both Concentra and Marshfield Clinic. The Consortium has recommended that the state division of workers' compensation adopt it.

To learn more, visit the Consortium's web site at

The chair of the Wisconsin Consortium is:

Dr. Maja Jurisic, MD
Regional Medical Director
Concentra Health Systems

To get involved, contact Dr. Jurisic.

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