Propagating the new work disability paradigm for disability benefits & workers' comp systems


A feasibility meeting was held in Minneapolis, MN in September 2006, out of which arose a Summit planning group composed of volunteer professionals from a variety of stakeholder groups.

The Minnesota Stay-at-Work & Return-to-Work Summit was held January 31 - February 1, 2008 at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. Nearly 85 individually invited people were in attendance, representing seven major stakeholder groups.

The Final Report of the Minnesota Summit is now available, which includes:

  • Lists of the planning committee members, sponsors, and all attendees
  • A description of the agenda and proceedings during the event
  • The strategies and action plans developed by eight multi-stakeholder workgroups during the workshop portion of the Summit
  • Evaluation results

Nearly two-thirds of the Minnesota Summit attendees signed up to join a follow-up action group. At the action group's first meeting, they named themselves the Minnesota Workability Coalition. Sharon Manns from Sappi Fine Papers of North America in Cloquet, MN chairs the group.

To find out more or join the Minnesota Workabilithy Coalition, see the MNWorkability website or contact Sharon at 218.878.4209 or

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